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Web Design Every business needs one



We use the latest HTML5 coding practices and techniques when building your web site.


CSS is an acronym for cascading style sheets. It's the coding language used for formatting, layout, typography, and color.


At Orange Rocket Design we use the latest JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, MooTools, and Bootstrap to name a few.

Fluid Layout

It's important that your web site be viewable on all devices. Including tablets and mobile phones. So we design our sites with that in mind from the beginning.


SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In short. It's us following guidlines that search providers require for your web site to be listed higher up in the search results. As well as intelligent use of textual content and link backs.

Let us build your web site today!

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Graphic Design Image isn't everything. But it helps



We can help improve the image of your business with our "out of this World" graphic design.

  • Logo design
  • Letterhead
  • Branding
  • Product design


Whether you are promoting a big event or creating an image for your business, we can help.

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banners


Having our hands in web design, we can also apply our graphic design skills in the online World too.

  • Social media pages and banners
  • Web design graphics
  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI)


Since the beginning of our business we have always been into photography. We use it for capturing our content as well as for offering clients another service that we are great at!

Improve your image, call today!

We are just a phone call or email away. We would love to work with you.
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Mobile Apps More mobile devices than computers



We can create native and web based mobile apps for Android mobile phones and tablets.


We can also create native and web based mobile apps for Apple iOS mobile phones and tablets.

A mobile app will increase your reach!

Use your mobile phone today and lets talk about building your mobile app!
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Above & Beyond Did we mention our customer service?

At Orange Rocket Design we not only take pride in the work that we do, but also in the way we treat our customers and potential clients. We can be reached by phone during regular business hours or by email and FaceBook any time of the day or night. And as our client, you can expect 24/7 on call service. We know it's hard to earn your business. But once we do we will do everything we can to build a long lasting business relationship.

Programming The code behind the scenes



Using PHP for coding the minor not so difficult functionality, such as email contact forms, makes our lives as programmers easier and yours more cost effective.


PERL may be an older scripting language, but it is still a very powerful tool. With many strengths that we rely on when developing complex programming solutions.


We only use SQL coding when interacting with projects that utilize a database. It's the language used for communicating the commands to a database.

If you need eCommerce or other complex solutions, our programming skills will do the job!

Buzz us or send us an email, we love talking in different languages!
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Database Solutions When data is your business


MySQL Database

Most web sites don't require a database. But when your site starts accepting user data for registrations, orders, or you want to manage inventory. A database solution is needed. We use MySQL databases for all of our clients. It has a long proven track record of being fast and robust while also being scalable.

Let us design your database solution now!

Call us for your next big data heavy project!
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Web Hosting Where all of your files live



All hosting solutions come with several email boxes. You can add as many email accounts as you like. We can also integrate your existing Gmail accounts with web site email accounts.


Security is of major importance for a web site. However, it is the most overlooked. We offer SSL certificates not only for eCommerce web sites, but for any web site wanting that extra layer of protection.


We are proud to have a 100% uptime guarantee. Meaning the uninterrupted transit from our hosting network to the Internet. Should that connection fail, credit will be provided for the amount of time of the interuption.


The storage needed for your web site is directly dependent upon the size and functionality required. Most sites will need a very small amount of storage space. But if your site requires a database and other storage heavy solutions, then much more space will be needed. Fortunately we can meet any storage need you may have.


The bandwidth of your hosting solution may be the single most important factor in deciding on your hosting solution. Bandwidth is basically the size of the pipe connecting your site to the Internet. The smaller the pipe, the slower your site will appear to customers. It is also a metric used in measuring how much data has been transfered between your web site and users to your site. Orange Rocket Design can provide you with a very high bandwidth hosting solution.


The "cloud" may be the biggest buzz word currently in technology. We offer cloud hosting solutions to fit any need you may have. From small businesses to large enterprise mission critical needs, we have you covered.

Whether you already have a web site or just need hosting, we have the right solution for you!

Dont wait to start hosting with us. It may cost you more than just money!
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